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This website is best viewed on a desktop computer. The Windows PC I used to make this site uses a monitor with a screen size of 1440x900 pixels.

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welcome to the weed-eater's dump

hello, i'm the weed-eater. you have come across my so-called webpage and now you must suffer as you slowly attempt to continue your excursion through this page.

disclaimer: the weed eater does not really consume marijuana. it is merely a reference to an infamous veggietales scene.

i write and draw stuff. working on a comic/sitcom project inspired by simpsons/garfield/dilbert/tenchi muyou/other shite i have floating around in my mind that i would love to call my biggest inspirations. i also like western cartoons, anime, music, videogames and programming. (food is also a notable favourite, but it has become very commonplace as food is a primary necessity lol)

most of the videogames i play are from older systems. not really interested in cd-based systems unless they are that easy to emulate (my megadrive emulator also has support for mega cd, 32x, master system and even sg-1000!) n64 is also great coz it's a lot easier than ps1 or saturn. i have mixed opinions on 3d games. i guess i better enjoy being part of the pc master race lol.

it seems as if typing consistently in lowercase letters would make writing faster. it's my website anyway lol. i like computer keyboards that are loud and heavy when you press the keys.


much of this site is still under construction / このサイトはまだ建設中です

mailbox: spyral64 at gmail dot com / twitter: @yooot34582325 / @weedeater95 / discord: weedeater#3236

my bloggerspotter page where I write stuff sometimes. I also have a tommblaer page

my account on the myspace reconstruction project, props to monsieur jankenpopp for making such thing possible

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