frequently blabbered stupid questions and their corresponding answers

Why is the site called "weed eater's dump"? Sure thing, I wouldn't fret if i cared to explain the title a little bit more from the main page.
First of all, "Weed Eater" is a rather arbitrarily made phrase that's made to be inherently hilarious and should NOT denote any form of drug use. Or maybe some sort of lawn mowing equipment in that case. The "dump" part states that this site is where I throw my stuff in it. At least it doesn't smell too bad. Or does it? Also, I felt like using the domain "weedeater" for Neocities before anyone else occupied it. It's a stupid meme from a Veggietales clip.

do you tend to write in lowercase letters all the time? well, not all the time of course! typing in small caps just makes typing faster without even pressing the shift key to get an uppercase letter. it's my website anyway. neocities allows this kind of artistic freedom for its users. actually sometimes i feel like rushing things so while i still have what i wish to write in my mind i have to sacrifice proper capitalization but NOT spelling or grammar.

Why do you sometimes write in a hybrid of American and British English? My style. It's a charming quirk for autistics like me to stick to a certain variant of English regardless of where we are. I can also switch between posh Commonwealth (British-Australian) and good old-fashioned stereotypical 'Murican Standerd accents at will in my speech. Although you wouldn't hear my voice because (1) I get too awkward about my voice like most other people like me and (2) I don't even use voice chat frequently in Discord. Sorry about that mate.

What hobbies do you enjoy? Writing, drawing, listening to music, watching cartoons/anime, playing video games, fiddling around with computer stuff (including doing HTML), and many others.

Why do you seem to be in a 24/7 shitposting mode? My style.
Some people may not know my personality is set to the tune of "Break my Stride" and that I have manifested the teachings of Mr. Bean of which I avidly watched during my early developmental years.
Other people think I'm a mentally unstable person, which is true on my end but they just don't seem to understand my eccentricity or escapism-fueled beliefs and ideas. (Half of me is not realistic for a reason.) Some people think I'm just fairly sociable.

How does making this site feel like? A bit challenging but still fun. There's a whole lot of tags and parameters you have to type in. Making html requires a lot of visual thinking, some sense of design, and then some trial and error; the last one describes pretty much about programming in general. However the reason why I update this site irregularly aside from real life stuff is because it's not as if I could have a dedicated client program to open Neocities, and the closest thing to such is WebDAV support for Neocities supporters.

Do you tend to block people on Twitter? Well, not that often lol. I'm not that much of a "meanie", unless if there's something I find very objectionable about you. I also won't mind even if you're being annoying on direct messages lol. However there are some exceptions I cannot name drop for certain reasons.

Speaking of blocking, you seem to hate being blocked. What about that? It's a mix of emotional malfunctioning within my internals and a form of separation anxiety. It wouldn't hurt to find similar people, I guess.

Why are there so many channels in your Discord server??? It's my OCD served with a side of being overly organized. It's supposed to be a little efficient and straightforward.

Where does that anime girl image from the start page come from? It's Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 cosplaying as Lum from Urusei Yatsura. The joke is that both anime/manga are from the same creator. I can't give you the sauce though; It's actually from the back of a hentai comic made sometime in the late 1980s or early 90s or so. This was part of the cute SFW stuff. Artist is "Mami Hisakado" though not much details about her online. Must be from one of those small artist clubs that independently publish fan comics and sell them at Comiket (Comic Market). They often become either forgotten or popular within a niche group.

How about that blue haired girl on your avatar? It's a piece of PC98 art I found on the web, specifically here.
I decided to adopt her as a redesign for my original character Aoi/Sabrina (she has no consistent name) simply because the art reminded me of her. I also made this higher quality and more modern-styled render using a super duper ultra modern Y2K compliant 3D H-game called Custom Order Maid 3D 2. (Warning: huge 1MB image, do not open in dial-up)

Why do you seem to dislike Sony related stuff? O wandering one, do not hesitate as I will tell you a beautiful story...
A long time ago, the great technology companies Philips and Sony helped together to create an amazing data storage format called the Compact Disc, or CD for short. It was very successful as a modern successor to the vinyl record, VHS, cassette tape, floppy disk and game cartridge, and that it was a very faithful descendant of the Laserdisc.
There was once a powerful empire in the game industry called Sega. It was one of the many corporate entities bestowed with the blessing of being able to harness the powers of the Compact Disc. The long revered rivalling empire Nintendo heard of this and was forced to create a similar device to compete with Sega's creation, so they sought the help of the two companies, Philips and Sony.
Philips was very innovative as they say, and they had already created a machine with the ability to harness the CD's powers beforehand, and it was called the Compact Disc Interactive, or CD-i. However, it was not very suited as a games console, and if it were brought to Japan it would have been more of a visual novel machine. The marketing was changed in a rush to the point that they really did not know what they really wanted the CD-i to be.
Sony was another innovative corporate entity. Their decision to work together with Philips was probably rooted in the production of their wildly successful Walkman music player line, particularly the original generation which plays audio cassette tapes, a Philips invention. Many people underestimated the audacity of Sony attempting to gamble in the game industry, albeit they had experience as the biggest manufacturer of MSX home computers both inside and outside of Japan. Philips had also made their own MSX computers albeit they were distributed within the continent of Europe.
Sony was given the opportunity to create a strange-looking variation of Nintendo's Super Famicom with a CD-ROM drive built in, known as the "Super CD", a forerunner of the modern Playstation. Nintendo had also handed Philips the responsibility of creating games for the CD-i using Mario and Zelda characters, but their efforts were later deemed awful, and thus the licensed games suffer from having a memetic reputation to this day.

I'm sorry...? Wait, what the hell just happened? And what's with this huge wall of text filled with corporate propaganda? Oh right... it's just an odd hyperfixation of mine. The fact is, Philips never really made up their mind on what they wanted the CD-i to be. I just dislike Sony a lot. Of course, this crazy talk about Philips will wear out as time passes.

Your opinions regarding...? Will work on that sometime. It's going to be in my "stuff" directory where I'll write all sorts of stuff... which is constantly under construction, being under the bane of my constant inactivity on Neocities. I don't write too much about sensitive topics, especially politics.

Why aren't you working on that much stuff you plan to do on your site? aA times I may be lazy, Maybe it's because it's hard to get myself writing what I want to write for this site immediately. Typing on the keyboard doesn't feel as much like writing on paper with a gel pen. My apologies for making this site a bit of a mess. I also tend to use my Twitter and Discord more often.

Um, is Yuna really considered a magical girl? I'd like to further stress that Yuna is really in no way a magical girl as she's far too unique for that genre. I also see her more as an idol singer than a galactic princess warrior weirdo.

Pinoy ka, di ba? (You're Filipino, aren't you?) Oo, bakit? Wala akong kilala kahit sinuman na napanood yung "Nutshack" nang hindi dahil sa mga gasgas na memes galing doon. (Yeah, why? I really don't know anyone who's watched "The Nutshack" before it received a reputation for being a terrible meme.)

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