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Or as I'd call it, a list of my favourite bookmarks of which I will share with you. This page is constantly under construction.

Nathan Lineback's Toasty Technology page. In here he rants an awful lot about using Microsoft Internet Explorer and has some cool stuff including a DOOM WAD themed after Firefox., a JavaScript-based teletext graphics maker.

Sierra Death Generator, a fun little text-to-image generator that uses old game graphics.

WINDOWS93, a spoof self-contained browser-based "operating system" of its kind.

A cool text to ASCII maker which I used to make the banner in the homepage.

Another ASCII art generator that can convert images to text files.

WebNeko, a JS-based virtual pet cat that follows your cursor's every move.

A helpful guide on NEC PC-98 emulation. Another overview of the PC-98 but for Touhou series enthusiasts. The NEC PC-9800 is a series of IBM/DOS-compatible consumer microcomputers with propietary Japanese IME support, 16-bit color palettes and Yamaha FM music synthesis. It was monopolized over competing microcomputer systems including the Sharp X68000, MSX and Fujitsu FM Towns, as well as overseas systems like the Apple Macintosh and Commodore Amiga.

Anime Galleries dot Net, an old anime images site that surprisingly doesn't have Dragon Ball, Kimagure Orange Road or Saber Marionette.

Ironmouse CG Shrines, a prototypical "waifu" image gallery.

Tom's Gallery, a comprehensive online museum of early computer art, including those made on the C64, Amiga, Sharp X68000 and NEC PC-98.

interesting ancient websites

I highly recommend attempting to discover archived versions of certain websites that are listed here. Unfortunately, the Internet Archive does not have preserved pages older than 1996. I once tried to check their archives for MTV's website and the oldest one I could find is advertising "Beavis and Butthead Do America."
I highly recommend looking into 404 Page Found for interesting sites.

Mosaic Communications Corporation

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blowtorches, a very wacky experiment from 1994. Here's an attempt to remake the experiment. And another one. And yet another one.

Apparently, the company where Wile E. Coyote buys his assorted contraptions from has a web page. And it has an anvil for a logo too. Actually, the company was just named that way because he states he liked watching Looney Tunes cartoons. It is also important to note that ACME and Ajax are different companies (the placeholder names are used by Warner and Disney respectively).

The Web Masters' Page, an interesting webpage filled with useful information you can use for making webpages... in the 1990s!!!

Piero Scaruffi's webpage, where he regularly writes for it and makes interesting articles.

The Resort, worshipping the Head of Bob since 1992. Enter if you dare. This really ain't a "Heaven's Gate" or nothing!

A working archived page of Hotwired Online Magazine, dated 1995 November 13.

Clint Sprott's Fractals Gallery.

Promote-It, an old service that used to let users submit their sites to search engines, website directories and "site of the day" sites. Last updated 1995 October 24., John Gilmore's personal website. For those who don't know, he is a co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and is a contributor to the GNU Free Software Project. (GNU puts the G in GIMP!), a memorial website dedicated to the defunct Internet forum.

Space Jam official website, still hosted on Warner Brothers servers. Come on and SLAM and Welcome to the JAM!

These Japanese Nintendo sites are still up: Gameboy page. Super Famicom (SNES) page. Nintendo 64 page. At the very top, the last release update appears to be Animal Crossing (どうぶつの森).

The official webpage of Team Shanghai Alice, the developer of the Touhou Project franchise. I'm gonna stress at "developer" as it is only comprised of a beer-loving game programmer and musician extraordinaire named ZUN (Jun'ya Oota), a former Taito employee who liked playing Darius. Information about the games, music, and some artwork of the characters can be found here. The series is pretty much active, though some Japanese websites including this one tend to be "stuck" between the late 1990s and early 2000s in terms of design.

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