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Pseudoapache is a non-existent server system that requires exertion of human effort in order to generate static HTML directory indexes intended only for use within Neocities.
As Neocities does not actually use Apache for its backend (thus making HTACCESS unsupported), users may have to create their own static HTML index pages. It may take a bit long to create certain pages but results can be modified to the liking of the individual user.

Okay, let me make things clear. This is how you should be able to make mock directory listings that resemble actual server directory pages. I'm also aware that April Fool's Day is already over a few days ago too. If you ever find yourself go a bit crazy from making these kinds of pages, my sincerest apologies. To be honest, this method is a little tedious and long to work with. If you know any static HTML page generators that would rather do these kinds of things at a faster rate, please let me know.

How to Create

A desired example for a certain Pseudoapache site may be as follows:

Here are some tips to consider for making Pseudoapache index pages:

Where should I use it and why?

If you have a collection of images that you want to share publicly but you're too lazy to use thumbnail images, this might help. However, this might induce the habit of opening all those images in separate tabs for some. I'd suggest you resize those images through HTML or CSS tag parameters, arrange them neatly in an HTML table and make those images open within the browser window. Should've been easy if you also want to give previews of the images (as in "what you see is what you get"; no, not something either Tina Turner or Gene loves Jezebel sung!), unless you want to minimize bandwidth usage.

This is a fun little coding project that I thought of while attempting to bother Neocities' customer support if there'd be alternatives to Apache server stuff. I don't even know much about it either.
At times, there are certain folk with knowledge of HTML who might tend to go lazy and procrastinate. That includes you and me. I've never even heard of anyone who likes the sensation of coding with a loud and heavy keyboard like mine. Maybe it'd be better to try to code stuff with relaxing music in the background that might help ease your stress and keep you on focus. Right now I'm blasting Kenny G songs and it really feels good. Pair it with a dark-schemed theme on the Neocities site editor and your senses will calm down and make you keep on tapping on that darned keyboard.

Official Standard Template

Please note that the code may only be used within Neocities. Sharing is also allowed but not to the extent of self-benefit., ZIP archive, 170KB