Site Updates

From time to time I might want to leave notes about updates to the site, even if I'm on an irregular schedule. Might serve as some sort of to-do list for what to write for the site.

September 29 2021 Fourth 29th day in a month and fourth entry in 2021 so far in this log. Perhaps I had lost interest in managing this site too often. I had to remove links from some of my pages and all that. Not much I can really say more, except that I'm a bit too busy to manage this site. Maybe if I had time, I'd redesign my site the way I want it to be. Maybe get rid of a LOT of pages and start over too. I've been thinking of a fresh restart with a redesign.

March 29 2021 I really don't have much time to work on this site, but I had to make a few changes I'm comfortable with. I'll plan to write more stuff soon but I should write those all down on paper first. Ah, I don't even know if I want to make a page detailing more about my personality... Maybe just take things slowly and carefully some more.

February 18 2021 Decided to revise the FAQ and create a "Carrd" style link portal page. Will make a page for my OCs soon.

February 17 2021 Happy New Year, and belated Valentine's day too! I'm slowly making more changes to the site.

December 29 2020 Slowly getting to work on the site again, more specifically on Yuna's room. My site is a huge mess!

December 19 2020 AAAAAAA WHY
I tend to be too busy to work on my Neocities site, so here I am. I kinda got lazy with tinkering around with HTML for some reason lol. I'm not even checking my bookmarks for link-worthy sites either. Just give me lots of time and patience, okay?

November 29 2020 I'm BACK! It's been a few months again and I'm busy with a hella lot of stuff (damn you bat soup virus!) and because of that I was not able to look after this site AGAIN. I'm planning to change many aspects of this site before this rollercoaster of a year ends. I've also a made a BRAND SPANKING NEW Discord server here! Link dead as of 2021. All further instances or mentions of my server have been removed for personal reasons. For the meantime, Happy Holidays!
I might have to check through my bookmarks so I could add some more stuff to my links page. And yes I had to unceremoniously mothball some of my unfinished pages here. Sorry about that!

August 15 2020 Head's spacing out again and I suddenly forget to work on my site again.
FC2 and FTP is a little too difficult to set up not because I don't know much moone runes but because I'm very unfamiliar with this sort of technology. I tried this ages ago but never touched it since.
I don't usually take screenshots or recordings of myself playing certain games as it might detract my focus from the game, and I simply don't do it much. However, I'm still trying to find the kind of game that suits what I feel sometimes.

August 11 2020 Uggh... Kinda ran out of ideas since I worked on it before I slept. Some of the energy drained out...

August 10 2020 Okay, I'm setting up my site for real. I've moved the Wall of Images somewhere so it'd be less of a bandwidth concern. Next is putting up the very shell of the PC98 page as well as something about Di Gi Charat and other of my interests as time allows.

August 7 2020 I'm very sorry for another long period of hibernation... (-_-;)
Yes I plan to make more but unfortunately I'm a little too distracted to work on my site. I'm also a bit too broke to afford a Neocities supporter plan so I'd do things more efficiently with WebDAV... I'm busy watching stuff or taking long strolls around Wikipedia or TV Tropes or Atlas Obscura or playing games or practicing drawing or even managing servers and chatting in Discord. I'm currently watching Di Gi Charat right now, so when I remodel this whole site, expect a GIF of Dejiko to greet you in the homepage!

July 12 2020 There goes another streak of inactivity...

June 20 2020 Cleaned up some stuff that cluttered the home page, Planning to make a sidebar.

June 19 2020 Restructured parts of the website.

June 5 2020 Still kinda inactive lately, but I managed to properly flag which pages still have to be done. Please excuse the mess cluttering my site.

May 26 2020 I think I should write more essays, rants or anything for this site but unfortunately I don't easily have the ideas to do so. They'd only come out if it's nighttime, or when I'm away from the computer. I think it's a really good habit to write stuff first on paper before typing them out on HTML. (That reminds me, the Computribes project is actually still put on hold! I might get back to doing it as soon as I can.) Another thing that bugs me is that my head is always is in some sort of temporary memory reset mode in the morning when I've just woke up. Maybe I should get 9 hours of sleep or something.

May 23 2020 My apologies for forgetting about this update log! I've just made my own Discord server here. Feel free to chat about stuff, suggest things or ask questions you may have wanted to ask me!
If I have any time, I might want to work on more stuff, including game pages for Atari 2600 games, a Sega Mega Drive game called Puggsy, some NEC PC-9800 stuff, and some more messing around with Yuna's pages.
I'm also currently thinking of changing the main index.html page to something like this. Here's the full version of that cute Shampoo in the background. It was taken and cleaned up from a hentai manga made sometime in the late 1980s, and it's also where the favicon comes from. If you want, you can use that image as a wallpaper for your Android or IOS mobile phone.

May 13 2020 Currently fiddling around with a VM running Windows XP. My site actually works on Chrome for XP!

May 10 2020 Lots of strange unrelated stuff added and made.

May 5 2020 Because of personal issues I feel like I should start working more on my Yuna page and state more of my opinions about her. Plot twist: Yuna really isn't actually my waifu at all.

May 3 2020 Still not much to see here. I'm constantly working on the Computribes page, while I'm stuck wondering how on earth should I boot ISOs of old CD-based games on emulators. Also I'm kinda busy playing some Atari VCS-2600 games. The entire game library is actually less than 5 megabytes in size!

April 30 2020 Slow work day. To do: more about something I'd like to discuss; characters I'm writing about; some cool stuff soon. Also I wonder when will this bat soup virus quarantine procedure will end. I hope next week or so...

April 26 2020 Had to fix stuff including the FAQ.

April 25 2020 Messing around, working on an image directory, as well as something I'm doing for fun. Please stay tuned. Special thanks to Dannarchy and Phantom/System Labyrinth for some cool stuff.

Apr 23 2020 I forgot to celebrate Simpsons Day (Apr 19), but I've made a new homepage! I may change a lot of stuff here from time to time.

Apr 21 2020 Busy doing stuff again. Fixed the links section a little bit. Might want to make disclaimers or other additional pages soon. If I'm not feeling too lazy, at least. (^ ^;)

April 14 2020 Became a bit busy with other things and was too distracted from working on this site. When I feel like writing stuff I might want to put them up here on this site. For the meantime the /stuff page is currently being used as some sort of to-do list.

April 11 2020 Tong-nou page up. Also not much to hear at the moment lol. Also working on contact page.

April 9 2020 Yuna links up! I also had to work through some stuff.

April 8 2020 Many essential stuff created, including this updates page, some other messing-arounds. Will make template for Pseudoapache System pages and maybe make a gallery directory. I actually have lots of old HTML files, including some I have on a flash drive I'm still looking for at the moment (left it somewhere else, but it's not really lost). The links page is still a mess and maybe I'd bother to fix it sometime. Peeking through my bookmarks folder would give me ideas for what kind of sites will I link to, but I think majority of them will only fill up the section where I post URLs of ancient sites that miraculously still work. Over and out!

April 6 2020 Yuna shrine now up. I'm regularly promoting my site on my twitter account.

April 4 2020 This site was created! I actually had prepared much of the site's contents for the past few weeks and dug through my images and tile backgrounds collection to assemble what makes up my site.