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the photocopier is a very mysterious entity. it has the form of a large odourless marble monolith with a surface so unusually soft you might want to rub your hands on it repeatedly. it hovers around deep space on some sort of untold neverending mission. some say it is probably searching far and wide for intelligent life outside of earth even before the earthlings themselves would embark on that same mission. others say it tends to do this because it wants to protect the universe in the only way it knows.

[machines are very mysterious. it is designed like a large odorless marble monolith with a particularly smooth surface and you may want to apply it many times. float in a deep space of indescribable creation. some even claim that you are probably looking for an intelligent life from the planet, even before the earth performs the same mission. others say he tends to do so because he wants to protect the universe the only way he knows it.]

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