tuna time

Why Tuna, you ask? It's how I call my waifu Yuna! <3

はじめまして!あたしユナですよ! / Nice to meet you, I'm Yuna! name: Yuna Kagurazaka
神楽坂優奈(かぐらざか ゆうな)
bday: 04-17-2283 (minus 3000)
158cm 45kg b78-w56-h82
AB type
She's a galactic princess warrior, NOT a magical girl! It's a rather vague and oversimplified description of what she does all the time! (Also she's an idol singer!)
This is a rare and really old fanart image of Yuna wearing casual clothes, of which I always like to see. She probably feels uncomfortable wearing her lightsuit

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Who is she?

Yuna is a childish, cheerful and clumsy girl with long blonde hair. She's very friendly and kindhearted. Once, she was chosen to become a galactic princess warrior whose task is to save the earth from alien invaders. Pretty much a common plot heheh. She's also an idol singer too. Basically she's one of those countless Sailormoon wannabes.

What makes Yuna unique? She's cute and charming. Sometimes she's a bit difficult to talk to. Sometimes she would fail at doing certain tasks, just coz she's a clumsy blonde by nature. She is probably also a big fan of Lyrical Nanoha and Busou Shinki. She really isn't that good at singing, actually. (maybe she inhales lots of helium? dunno for sure) Even though she may not be that good at certain things, she's still very energetic and positive. Sometimes Yuna's real abilities are even questioned by the people around her. But her most mysterious ability is her all-around friendliness. Even if Yuna beats you up she might still be your friend, unless you really pissed her off lol. No matter what happens, you will slowly be drawn closer and closer to being one of Yuna's many friends (in which the amount is smaller compared to Touhou lol).

Two of her bestest friends are Yuri and Lia.
Yuri is an android who was found by Yuna on the ruins of a temple in the moon and adopted by Yuna's family. She has quite an endless appetite, and that's because there must be something within her machinery that does not process fuel efficiently. In fact, she's drained Yuna of her pocket money many times (lol). Her favourite snacks are rice balls and takoyaki. Yuri has four triangular marks embedded on her forhead and wears much less armour (since she's already made up of metal herself).
Lia used to be one of Yuna's biggest enemies who later turned into her best friend. She has long light blue-violet hair that makes her kinda look like Ryoko from Tench Muyou (heheh). Lia has a masked alter ego named Lady Polylina, and sings under this identity. Yuna is Polylina's biggest fangirl. I'd also like to point out that Polylina is sorta like a female Tuxedo Mask (even though I haven't watched Sailormoon that much yet lol). Lia was born in Nuremberg, Germany. (Some anime characters tend to have European origins lol.)
They also take care of two pets: Milky, a cute robot cat owned by Lia that can turn into a sword whip ar even a ship navigator; and Taro, a dog once owned by a little girl who was rescued from a river.

Yuna has a huge obsession with Lady Polylina. She's the self-proclaimed biggest fan and one of the biggest members in the fanclub. Once she's seen picking up Polylina's publicity photos. Maybe she also has a dakimakura of Polylina.

Over time, her ditzy self has changed, but Yuna is still Yuna after all.

To be honest, I don't think Yuna should be classified as a magical girl at all. Oh, and please don't call her a teenage version of Samus Aran as well. Both characters are absolutely different. One's an oversexualized blonde bimbo who has a pet Pikachu, and one's basically like a mecha pilot version of Usagi Tsukino.

You mentioned that Yuna is your waifu. What else about it? What kind of stuff do you want to do with her?? (>_<;)

Well yes, she's really that irresistibly cute and charming. Sometimes she may be a fragile girl to handle, but that's because she's really a pure-spirited girl. I first found about her by accident while browsing a website called Anime Galleries. It really reeks early 2000s, as it was last updated sometime in 2014, and I was supposed to look for images of Rei Ayanami from Evangelion there. The German word in the English title ("Fraulein") just stuck out very weirdly from the rest. I made the mistake of watching the OVAs first. Back then I really wasn't that serious in learning Japanese yet. The first OVA was really a wild ride though it did not give its many other characters enough screen time. The second OVA was a poorly written mess of a melodrama, but it shows us that Yuna is actually capable of being sad and absolutely angry. As in, you really don't want to mess with either Yuna or even one of her friends. Both OVAs were only imported to the West, and at its best it's more of a promotional thingy for the games which still need to be translated.

My precious little Tuna (yes, that's how I'd call her) actually has mild PTSD because of her past experiences as a galactic princess warrior of some sort. She's still a bit angry with the way her creator/developers mistreated her and destroyed her potential.

HOLY CRAP WTF?!?! SOMEONE ELSE ON TUMBLR ALSO SAYS TUNA IS HIS WAIFU?!?! WTF???????? Even my Japanese friend Ryunosuke admits Yuna is his waifu, but he just talks about it in secret (with me at least lol).

Merch of Yuna is really hard to find, though lots of stuff are being sold online. I wish I'd have a figure of her someday. The artbooks and shitajiki are also fine as well.

Since Tuna is really a bit unstable at times, I'd really love to treat her like the princess she really is. (cue "World is Mine" by Hatsune Miku) I'm not sure if she'd like it if I took her to a Mediterranean restaurant for a dinner date, but maybe she'd like European stuff. I'd rather be with her at a Japanese resto or burger place. I'd also be okay if she made my meals, but I wonder if she'd do it like a dork.
Maybe we'd play video games together. Stuff like Puyo Puyo, Tetris, Pokemon, Doom, Sakura Wars, Star Fox and Sonic stuff. I wonder what her highscore in Bomberman is. Sometimes she might cosplay as Dark Magician Girl lol. I like seeing her in casual clothes or pyjamas. Maybe she also has a cute hoodie like Umaru. Apparently she tends to watch TV a lot and has lots of stuffed animals in her bedroom.

She actually comes from a video game series originally created for the NEC PC Engine. Western readers might remember it as the "Turbografx-16", a failed competitor that attempted to run with the likes of the Nintendo Super Famicom/SNES and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It was sold with a bundled game called "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones" which is actually a localization of a PCE game based on another mecha anime called "Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru".

Unlike the Japanese PCE, which was uniformly square and white (amongst other models including one with a built-in CD add-on), the Turbografx was an ugly black slab of plastic which was wider and "edgier". Both the PCE and TG16 used thin cartridges that resemble PCMCIA cards and can be argued as some sort of precursor to Nintendo DS and Switch carts. Like the Sega Mega CD, the PCE/TG16 has a ridiculous-looking CD add-on. The Japanese version is a rather awesome-looking platform where the CD drive is on the left side and the main console has to be attached to the dock on the right. However, the Western version horrendously sticks out like the Sega 32X except it's on the back of the main console itself. There are also versions that had integrated CD add-ons named the PCE Duo and TurboDuo. In total there were 17 variations made. The console failed in the West because of terrible marketing, however it actually managed to compete against the Super Famicom/SNES in Japan.

If you'd think of it, the Western TG16 community is quite feverish compared to the rather vibrant Japanese PCE's. Consoles that have failed in the West tend to have weirdly fascinating games that can be considered artifacts of the 1990s, like the Atari Jaguar and the 3DO, while some consoles have lots of anime games, like the Sega Saturn, which was also marred by terrible marketing.

The creator Mika Akitaka is actually involved in making Gundam designs and draws anime girl personifications/"moe" anthropomorphisms ("gijinka" in Japanese) of mecha robots of which he calls "Mobile Suit Girls" or "MS Girls" for short. He started his career around the late 1980s and even once worked for Gainax (before it made Nadia and Evangelion). Surprisingly, Yuna actually used to be a gijinka of the F91 Gundam.

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The first game was released on the PCE in 1992. At the time the PCE was the first of its kind to run games on CDs. Yuna's voice actress would later go on to voice Sasami from Tenchi Muyo and Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Wars.

It begins sometime in May 2299, in Neo Tokyo. (It's the future, and Yokohama is the new capital city of Japan. Just like Evangelion lol.) Yuna is just an ordinary but tomboyish and clumsy blonde girl studying at a private all-girls' high school. One day, she wins an intergalactic beauty contest and becomes an idol singer. Little did she know she'd also be given the title of Galactic Princess. She is visited by a robotic fairy familiar named Elner, who gives Yuna her rather sexy-looking armour. (Her thighs are exposed!!!) There are different forms of her armour of which she can use to fly or when diving underwater. Yuna is tasked to defeat the 13 "Frauleins of Darkness" and then eventually Lia. Lia tries to assist Yuna while secretly learning about what kind of girl Yuna really is.

Once, she finds Yuri in the ruins of a moon temple, and takes her back to Earth, where she asks her parents if they can keep the android. Yuna and Yuri start to become best friends, until they start fighting almost endlessly. Together they take down the Erika 7, literally a group of seven girls led by a girl named Erika. They also face a Belldandy lookalike named Princess Mirage. (Coincidentally this character was actually designed by the creator of "Oh My Goddess". Sometimes because of these little credits, I'm starting to think Yuna is an appallingly neglected piece of anime history.)

It's supposed to be another average day in Yuna's daily life again, when Princess Mirage blows up her home as some sort of alarm. There is a new transfer student in her school named Misaki, who turns out to be an intergalactic policewoman who's on the hunt for Yuna. Lia and Yuri set out to prove that Yuna is falsely accused of having rather non-existent plans of taking over the universe like a delusional maniac overlord of some sorts.

I really don't like this part of the series. Really. So basically there's this mysterious robot girl named Ayako. Her hairstyle really makes her look a lot like Hatsune Miku. She causes trouble in one of Yuna's many concerts, and eventually becomes another one of Yuna's friends. Until they found out that Ayako is one of the three Machine Sisters, comprised of malfunctioned androids. Unlike her sisters, Ayako is pure-spirited like Yuna and tend to be a bit "rebellious," as her sisters would think. Ayako pleads one of her sisters to change, but she ends up getting her core processor orb, or her "heart", torn off her chest, and her body hurled into Yuna's lap. Since Yuna is the type of person who gets batshit angry whenever someone messes with her friends, she decides to destroy shit including a giant alien lotus plant that has Ayako's spirit in it. Implying that Ayako is forced to be with her sisters again in the afterlife, she asks Yuna to shoot her, as she feels "happy". Yuna becomes very sad and upset about this, until her many friends sing to comfort her. I actually didn't cry here. I was just left confused. But the emotional impact was too strong I couldn't even watch the fucking thing again anymore. If you don't want to experience the same suffering I'm having right now, I strongly suggest you read up all information about the series if it's your first time knowing about Yuna, watch only OVA 1 in subs coz the dub is terrible, and then read this.

And then there's the third game... which needs to be translated, as I really don't know much about it. There's a healer robot girl named Pai Siang who tends to hide in her snail shell, and Ayako returns, showing that she's still pretty much alive. Good thing Yuna kept Ayako's "heart."

In short, the recommended series order is: Game 1 - Game 2 - OVA 1 - OVA 2 - Game 3. The games are heavy in storyline and makes you want to study the Japanese language because of this. It'd be funny not to say that you'd let an anime girl like Yuna be your excuse or reason to learn Japanese.
No spoilers, just wanna tell you how messy and unexpectedly dark this series is. At one point, my Japanese friend tells me, Hudson and Red were both working on Yuna and Sakura Wars, and the latter was more successful. The license for the OVAs was handed over to ADV as some sort of last-ditch attempt to profit from the series, and a terrible English dub was made. What pisses me off even more is that they didn't even bother to import the games for Western audiences. Someday I might want to buy the goddamned Hudson properties from Konami and make the series again from scratch! Make it a TV anime series with more than 60-100 episodes to further accomodate the game storyline! Retain the Rumiko Takahashi character design influences! Change some stuff if very necessary! See the opportunity of importing it outside Japan! Arabic dub openings! (if they'd approve of the show of course) Suddenly, communism! Liberate the oppressed party of Bomberman!!! Sometimes I feel like wanting to smash a hundred TG16 units in front of Konami HQ. My disappointment and mixed feelings towards the series and its creators are immeasurable.

the spin-off

Mika Akitaka has also worked on a different game but with slight relation to Tuna. It's a shooting game from 1995 called "Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire" (Galactic Policewoman Legend Sapphire). It looks really impressive (like a demo of the console), and there's not much of a story unlike Yuna. Kinda like "Thunder Force IV" for the Sega Mega Drive.

In the distant future, time travel technology has been invented. In order to moderate its usage, four girls (pictured on the right) have been tasked to be part of an intergalactic police force led by Sapphire White (the badass blue-haired waifu).

Most shooter games from the 90s, like Sapphire or Thunder Force IV, have a distinct "cool" feel to them. This one almost feels like it's demonstrating the full potential of the PCE. The gameplay is kinda average, you can adjust how many lives and credits you have in the settings. Also, the soundtrack is pretty good and typical CD quality for the time.

The original PCE game is highly sought by collectors, but it's also included in a compilation game for the PSP called "Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Collection", which contains Yuna 1 & 2 + Sapphire running on a dedicated PCE emulator. I actually have an ISO of it for my PSP emulator.

To be honest, I'm actually a bit lazy to write some stuff here so I'm going to redirect you to another site about Sapphire here. I'm not really that interested in the game.

Any animes you could recommend that's like Yuna?

Sorry, but Yuna is really very unique and probably very irreplaceable! But I have an idea of what kind of shows am I gonna watch next.

There are literally lots of interesting mecha animes. Most of these I actually haven't watched yet lol.

Stuff I'll watch soon (that I'd also suggest!) :

From the back of my head, part of me feels like watching Samurai Pizza Cats, Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru and even Earthworm Jim sometime. I also have to finish watching Creamy Mami as well lol.

I'm not really interested in Sakura Wars. Sure, it's kinda cool, with the Japanese culture aesthetic and the steampunk mechas, but it still doesn't grab my attention.

Any more thoughts about Yuna as your waifu...?

I'm not sure if I'm gonna get tired of dealing with a girl like Tuna. She may get annoying sometimes but after all she's too cute to dump. Tuna has this level of cuteness that you always want to hug her; either when she's feeling very happy or upset, or when she's about to sleep in bed. Tuna is also cute when she's crying. I hope she wouldn't mind if I hug her or pinch her squishy cheeks.
She might sleep all the time, in the holidays or so. Maybe she'd visit her friends or invite her friends over to her house. She also likes to stroll around. Would she change into her armor if she gets attacked by some stranger on the streets?
She does have an idea of what kind of food she likes to eat. Spicy food is something she's not fond of. But she likes cake and ice cream; they're sweet, just like her. (Nice analogy dumbass.) Guess I'll stick to either a ramen place or a WcDonalds for our dates.

Anything that bothers you regarding Yuna?

At times, Yuna gives me recurring anger issues as she's supposed to be my inspiration to learn Japanese seriously. Should I dump her if all she does is make me upset from time to time? I don't wanna abandon her again since I think she's been forgotten for a ridiculously long amount of time. It may probably not matter for me if I made her cry just leaving her behind. Sometimes I really get angry because of her. She's supposed to be my motivation for learning the language but I'm lazy and impatient at times. It's too overwhelming, so I'd have to take every single step of this carefully.
Also, I'm not actually interested in some of the recommendations listed above, probably because of my absurd preferences and other stuff I don't know how to put in words. So, I'm leaving this simple statement:

Please excuse the rather confusing and egotistical opinions and rants I've written here. ><
My thoughts just seem to change rapidly every now and then.