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welcome to the weed-eater's dump

Hello, welcome! I'm the Weed-eater. You have come across my so-called webpage and now you must suffer as you slowly attempt to continue your excursion through this page.

It is commonly thought that the Weed Eater consumes marijuana. This is considered a misconception, caused by this name alone. In fact, it is merely a reference to an infamous scene from the animated series "Veggie Tales".

I write and draw stuff. I'm currently working on a comic/sitcom project inspired by Simpsons/Garfield/Dilbert/Tenchi Muyou/Creamy Mami/other favorite stuff I have floating around in my mind that I would love to call my biggest inspirations. I also like music, videogames and programming. (Food is also a notable favourite, but it has become very commonplace as food is a primary necessity.)

日本の仲間たちと読者へのお知らせ: すみませんね、このサイトは英語を書いていですよ。(笑) まだ日本語を学んでいますよ。英語は母国語だな。日本語で書くのは楽しいはずだな。 (難しい漢字の邪魔にはずならないw) たぶん、いつか日本語サイトは作っていましょうね。お待ち下さい!

much of this site is still under construction / このサイトはまだ建設中です

In other words, my apologies if parts of this site are unfinished!

This website is best viewed on a desktop computer. The Windows PC I used to make this site uses a monitor with a screen size of 1440x900 pixels. It's also cool if you have a monitor with a size of more than 800x600 pixels. For mobile users, please turn on "Desktop page mode" where necessary. Please refresh your browser when necessary if most of the images did not load or the custom embedded font did not load correctly as well.
Old homepage is here.
Alternate pages are hosted at Vistaserv, FC2, and my old Myspace Reconstruction account.

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mailbox: spyral64 at gmail dot com / twitter: @yooot34582325 / @weedeater95 / discord: weedeater#3236

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My Blogspot page where I write stuff sometimes. I also have a tumblr page which I use to browse the site. I don't use either of these often.

Wall of Images

Some images in this section are scaled down to fit this page. To view them in full size, right click on any of those images then select "Open image in new tab". Some of these images may have interesting links. ;-)

the photocopier is a very mysterious entity. it has the form of a large odourless marble monolith with a surface so unusually soft you might want to rub your hands on it repeatedly. it hovers around deep space on some sort of untold neverending mission. some say it is probably searching far and wide for intelligent life outside of earth even before the earthlings themselves would embark on that same mission. others say it tends to do this because it wants to protect the universe in the only way it knows.

[machines are very mysterious. it is designed like a large odorless marble monolith with a particularly smooth surface and you may want to apply it many times. float in a deep space of indescribable creation. some even claim that you are probably looking for an intelligent life from the planet, even before the earth performs the same mission. others say he tends to do so because he wants to protect the universe the only way he knows it.]

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/        \     
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