The Tribes of Computing

Long ago, as legend tells me, computers used to be like closets and drawers of humongous proportions. They had so much power and capacity, one could occupy one or two-eights of a small office room. These gigantic computers were in the hearts of datacenters, government facilities and military research. But over time, as the possibilities grew, and technologies advanced, computers started to shrink in more convenient and compact forms. Simply put, one could put their computer on their desk. The basic and most important components were the system unit, the disk drives, the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse.

Now I was told there were multiple tribes that wished to conquer and reigned over the lands during this period. The biggest of them was named Microsoft. In a matter of years it managed to take over the entire world through its strategies. Its Disk Operating System, or DOS for short, was rather robust and complex, but word of mouth was spread quickly, and at that same pace did it assimilate with the people. In fact, amongst all the many faces of DOS there was, Microsoft's DOS stood out. The members of this tribe often appear to be braggadocious despite how rather tedious was the work they did with their systems.

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